Woke and Fly clothing brings a redefined experience to fashion technology like never before

December, 2017- Woke and Fly clothing, a New York fashion brand that is well known for evoking high-flying deeds in the area of incorporating fashion technology and human self into one. The brand name was coined from two words; Woke and Fly. Woke meaning to be aware, wise, to awake to ones current environment. Fly is an acronym meaning first love yourself.

“Our aim is to sell quality, affordable low priced hoodies, beanies, T-shirts and apparel for all including men, women and children. We also use the profit gotten from our brand, Woke and Fly clothing to run a community program called Boss Builders where we teach local Brooklyn residents on how to create start ups from nothing and to rise to the level of a boss” said   Wesley Mock, the founder of Woke and Fly clothing.

 Woke and Fly clothing street wear was founded on 8th November, 2017 by by Wesley Mock using the cryptocurrency bitcoin wes later requited his childhood bestfriend jesse staton to create the powerhouse know as woke and fly clothing.